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Let’s get real here: running a (successful) blog takes a lot of time and effort — and content! You have to continuously create new blog posts, get sponsorships, find new affiliate programs, engage with your audience, be just about everywhere on social media, and take care of a ton of other minute (and not so minute!) tasks… etc.! With all that work to do, I can almost guarantee you’ll find yourself at some point wondering: “Should I write ALL the blog posts myself?”, “Should I hire a blog writer?”, “Should I outsource my blog posts?”

If you ask me? The answer is a resounding YES! But let’s discuss a bit more before you take the leap…

Let’s get real here: running a (successful) blog takes a lot of time and effort. You may be asking yourself: Should I hire a blog writer? Click through to find the answer (and to see it in practice!) #thrivingaffiliates

If you decide you’re tired of generating (some or all) of the content for your blog and want someone else to help you with it, you might want to hire a freelance writer.

Even though I already said I think most bloggers should hire a blog writer and/or content creator, I’m here to help you weigh the pros and cons of outsourcing blogs posts to help you make the best decision for you and your blog. But first, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

What Kind of Relationship Do I Have With My Followers/Readers? 

As you probably already know, it’s important to develop a trust with your followers. Your website visitors simply won’t read what you have to say if they don’t trust you. And they certainly won’t bookmark your site, sign up for your email newsletter, or follow you on social media either if you don’t establish that trust.

I think it’s important to nurture a personal relationship with my readers. And let’s be clear: I understand not every blog wants or needs to do the same thing. Even if you’re say, strictly a review blog, you still need to create trust in your readers. But for those creating a more “personal brand”, your readership will be more likely to want you and only you. (With the exception of the occasional well-written guest post, that is!)

If yours is a more personal brand, do you think hiring a blog writer would be a good idea?

Actually, it can be!

There are a few ways to do just that. First, if you find a freelance writer with a similar personality who shares your opinions and gives advice like you, you’ve hit the jackpot! However, finding someone like that can be pretty tough because well, there’s only one of you, right?

Another way is to hire someone to write the content, and get it as close to your own voice as possible. When you find a writer you’d at least like to take a chance on, make a few things clear before they write that first post. Start by explaining the tone and feel of your blog. Is it light and playful? Serious and dry? Whatever if may be, you must convey that to the person writing for you. Let them know of any other guidelines you have, too. 

If you can, ask them to read one or more of your posts before they write for you. But definitely be sure you’ve read some (original) examples of their work, too.

Once they’ve written that first post for you, you can follow up afterwards and ask for revisions if you think they’re needed. But that brings up another important reminder: when you hire someone to write blog posts for you, be sure to know if revisions are included in the cost of the article, and if so, how many? Most good writers I’ve seen offer unlimited revisions, but it’s important to know that before you hire and/or pay yours.

Once the article is as close to your voice as they can make it, go in and make some changes. Re-write things in your voice, so your readers still feel that connection with you. (More about this at the end of this post!)

What Kind of Content Do I Need for My Blog?

We all need more content. And your content is what makes you different from other bloggers. That said, you need to be diligent when hiring someone to write blog posts for you.

You need to find someone who understands your business, its missions and the overall goal of your blog. You can’t hire someone just because they write well. They need to understand the spirit and voice of your business in order to deliver your message to your audience.

Maybe, at least the first time you hire someone to write a blog post for you, you could make it more “filler” content. Don’t get me wrong, all content should be high-quality and most of all helpful to your blog visitors! But Top Ten type lists or product round-ups would be something fairly easy for a freelance writer to handle for you. If you need long-form, 2000-5000 word posts, these shorter types of posts are a goof (and lower-cost) way to try a writer out. 

When you do hire someone, you have to be clear about what content, exactly, is included. Will they simply write the blog post? Will they do any keyword research? Will they include photos and/or graphics? Will they upload the post for you? These are just some of the questions you should know the answers to before hiring someone.

How Much Will Hiring a Blog Writer Cost?

This is probably the second question that pops into your head after, “How much will I have to pay them?” Well, nobody works for free (and nor should they). Content development requires a lot of effort and naturally, you’ll be expected to pay your content source a fair wage.

Freelance writers charge anywhere from $1.50 per 100 words up to $1.50 per word (or more, especially in certain genres!) Just remember: in general, you get what you pay for. Of course, I’ve heard exceptions to this rule in both ways – one person scores an amazing writer for cheap, another pays top dollar and the writing turns out to be garbage.

At the end of this post I’ll share a little “trick” I use when hiring inexpensive (but quality) writers for my blog.

Should I Opt For a Ghost Writer?

A ghostwriter is someone who lets you take credit for their writing. It’s actually really common – everyone from bloggers to book authors to celebrities are doing it. Lot’s of people hire ghostwriters to write content on their behalf and then they present it as their own. This is perfectly legal and socially acceptable. 

Hiring a ghostwriter is perfect  for bloggers in most cases— if not all! For instance, if your writing skills aren’t up to par, you just don’t have the time (hello… kids, 9 to 5 job, LIFE in general!) , or you know that someone else can create a great post out of your thoughts, why not hire someone?

After asking yourself these questions, think of all the pros and cons of outsourcing your blog. Here are a few pros and cons that might help with your decision. 

Pros of Outsourcing:

  • Helps Save Time

Are you busy with your full-time job/kids/course creating/etc.? Outsource your blog! Hiring a freelance writer will offer you some relief and time to do other things.

  •  If You Hate Writing…

Not a big fan of writing? Can’t express your ideas with written words? Find yourself a good writer, someone who comprehends your ideas and thoughts and can express them as closely as you do as possible.

  • More Ideas

Outsourcing opens a world of opportunities for you. Sometimes you’re so close to your own topic that an outside voice can spark fresh content ideas!

  • Variety of Options

Depending upon your budget, you can either hire a single writer or multiple to generate content for you. Really, the options are unlimited. You just need to find the one (or several!) that are a good fit for you, your budget and blog.

Cons of Outsourcing:

  • Unreliability

Considering the various outsourcing options available, it can be hard to know where to start looking for a writer. You might want to hire one exceptional content writer, but they’ll probably be pretty costly. Try to pinch pennies and the person you hire may be unreliable.

I know a guy who got scammed for $3000 from a writer who just kept stringing him along until the so-called writer finally just ghosted him completely! Unfortunately, there is that chance of something bad happening like that when it comes to outsourcing content. But there are ways to minimize risk. 

  • Budget Constraints

Ah, the budget! One of the most important things about content generation for marketing is the BUDGET! Obviously, everyone’s budget varies depending upon the size of their business. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find writers that will offer their services within a wide variety of budgets.

But be warned: if you decide to opt for the cheapest option, remember not to compromise on the quality of the content. Cheap+crappy writers will only bring down the reputation of your site. There are GOOD affordable writers out there, but generally speaking, the more you pay, the higher the quality of content you’ll receive.

  • The Trust Factor

One of the most important factors that comes into play here is TRUST. Can you trust a third party to deliver the message and “feel” of your business to your audience?

Your blog and your business is personal for you, but will a freelance writer handle it as personally as you? The truth is: no matter how good they may be, no one can fully replace YOU.

But that brings me back to the idea I shared before, and that is to take what your writer has written and go through it to make it your own.

The Truth About Outsourcing Blog Posts

The truth is, that’s exactly what I’ve done with this very blog post! I outsourced the original post with Content Development Pros. (Yes, I’m an affiliate for them, but that’s only because I use and like their work.)

They make it super easy to order content for my blog, and I feel like they really care about going above and beyond when it comes to delivering blog posts for me. In addition to this blog, I’m also writing a book (eeee! So exciting!) So I needed some relief from content development for Thriving Affiliates.

So when I asked myself: should I hire a blog writer? The answer for me was a definite YES. (At least for some of my blog posts!) And Content Development Pros was the perfect answer for me.

There are definitely other ways to find writers for your posts, like Fiverr (I tried that, and honestly, I was underwhelmed with the results. I had to re-write way too much of that article!) Or freelance sites like FreeeUp or Upwork.

But regardless of how you hire your writer, hopefully now you have a better idea of whether you actually want to or not.

P.S. Another way to get blog posts written for you is with guest posts. If you’re interested in writing for us here at Thriving Affiliates, check out our guest post info page.

P.P.S. If you want to geek out and look “behind the scenes” to see the difference between this blog post and the original one that was written for me by Content Development Pros, click here.

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