7 Ways to Make Money with the Creative Market Affiliate Program

About two years ago I created a blog post with 50 WordPress themes, all linked back to their respective sales pages on Creative Market with affiliate links. That one post has continued to bring in passive income for me, every single month. So today I started wondering: what are some ways to make money with the Creative Market affiliate program?

I came up with 7 answers, and I think that a lot of bloggers, in a wide variety of niches, can actually make money with Creative Market. I’m not talking get rich money, but from my experience, it can be at least gas or grocery money! (And 80% of that, for me, is from that one blog post.)

One of the reasons this particular program is so good is that, once you send a new customer to their site, you get paid on any of their purchases for one year. As an avid shopper on Creative Market myself, I can tell you: those commissions can add up!

If you’re not familiar with Creative Market: they describe themselves as “the world’s marketplace for design.” Personally, I go there mainly for website/blog themes, social media templates, fonts, mockups and a few other things. But they offer way more than that, all from “independent creators from around the world.” 

Obviously, the first thing you’ll need to do is apply for the Creative Market affiliate program. You can do that here. (A new tab will open for your convenience.) 

So let’s get to it and see if any of these ideas will help you make money with the Creative Market affiliate program, shall we?!

Making a little extra spending cash with the Creative Market Affiliate program is actually pretty easy. (Especially with Pinterest!) Here are 7 ways to make money with the Creative Market Affiliate Program. #thrivingaffiliates #affiliatemarketing #affiliatemarketingideas

1. Interview the people who sell there

If you have a site that caters to creatives, entrepreneurs, or shares entrepreneurial success stories, this is a fun idea.

First, find a shop or shops that you like, and reach out to them about being interviewed for your blog. Once they agree (or even while you’re waiting) come up with a list of questions your readers would find fascinating.

I’ll give you some ideas, but of course I can’t know everyone’s niche! But maybe these ideas can be a springboard for your blog’s readers.

Say you run a photography blog: You could interview one or more photographers on Creative Market about their experiences selling stock photography.

If you blog about creating websites, you could interview the people who make WordPress themes on Creative Market what to look for in a theme for new websites (like responsiveness, aesthetics, etc.)

If you blog about ecommerce you could interview the designers who create mock-ups for t-shirts and other apparel, mugs, pins, stickers, art, etc.

I think you get the idea!

2. Do round-up posts

These are fun! My round-up of 50 (yes, 50!) modern, minimal, feminine WordPress blog themes was (and still is) a huge hit! Of course, it also took a long time (I’m pretty sure I worked on it for 2-3 days.) But in the end: totally worth it!

You could do a round-up post of anything on Creative Market, really! Like: stock photos, graphics, fonts, social media templates, Lightroom presets, Procreate brushes, email templates, etc., etc.

3. Create beautiful font pairings or collections

Even though I’m an artist at heart, I have a hard time choosing fonts that go well with each other. If you have an eye for good font pairings, well, I’m going to be your next follower!

But I even I can put together a selection of types of fonts and share that on Pinterest. Like this: 

Once I put all the fonts in the Pinterest image, I make a collection of the fonts and then add my affiliate code to the end of the URL and pin it with that link. So it looks like this:

URL: https://creativemarket.com/julestillman/collections/1048164/Modern-Hand-written-Fonts-for-Your-Blog
My Affiliate Code: ?u=julestillman 
Complete Affiliate Link: https://creativemarket.com/julestillman/collections/1048164/Modern-Hand-written-Fonts-for-Your-Blog?u=julestillman 

If you like creating graphics like this, it’s a pretty easy way to create some passive income. 

I’ve seen this a lot on Pinterest, which is always a great way to bring traffic back to your blog. But there is another way, too!

4. Share on Pinterest

You can simply create boards related to the different types of products – like fonts, but also themes, or social media templates, mockups, Procreate Tools, etc. And save (or pin) your favorites (with your affiliate links, of course) to those boards.

Two words of caution about this!

First: you don’t want to spam Pinterest with a gajillion Creative Market affiliate links every day. Trust me: they won’t get seen. I add 1-2 per day, at most.

Again – this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme… In fact, you’ll likely never get rich with it at all. But I’m proof you can make extra income with Creative Market every month, even with small tips like these.

Plus I like to have affiliate marketing income come in from a variety of sources, in case one (or more) dry up, get canceled (that hurts!), etc.

Second word of caution: When using that Pinterest Save button, it will automatically populate with your affiliate URL and a generic description of what you’re pinning. You must also disclose in the description that it is, indeed, and affiliate link in the pin’s description. (Per Pinterest, Creative Market, and FTC guidelines.) It also helps if you create a more keyword-rich description, so your Pin is more likely to get found, re-shared, and clicked on.

In this Creative Market blog post, Holly McCraig said she used this technique and made $100 in affiliate income her first month. I’m not sure how many followers she had/has on Pinterest, but it seems like a pretty easy way to make some extra cash. 

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5. Tell people about the “Free Goods” page

This one is so easy! You see, every week Creative Market offers 6 free goods – from fonts to themes to graphics… basically items from every category they have available on their website.

Obviously, you won’t earn any commissions if all your visitors do is click the link and grab the free stuff. But remember what I said before: Creative Market pays you for a full year on anything your referrals buy during that time!

And, again, as an avid Creative Market shopper, I can say that I check the free goods weekly, but I also spend a pretty penny over there every year. Plus what they offer is so beautiful and useful, people may come for the free items initially, but they will stay and buy because of the quality found there.

This is an especially good idea if you have a “frugal living” type of blog. 

6. Embed them into your site

This wasn’t the case when I first became an affiliate for Creative Market, but now they have super easy tools that allow you to embed things like: products, collections, the free goods I just mentioned, etc.

I’m sure these tools would have made that beast of 50 themes post I mentioned sooo much easier! So lucky you. 😉

Here is an example of an embedded item:

Loading Preview…
Powered by Creative Market

And here is an example of an embedded collection: 

Powered by Creative Market

7. Share your theme (footer bar)

This is probably the easiest way to share your affiliate links because it will take you about 3 minutes to set up and will show up on (basically) every page on your blog. If you use a WordPress theme you bought on Creative Market (or even if it’s sold there – a lot of theme makers sell their themes on many different websites), you can mention the theme name in your footer with an affiliate link to its sales page.

Of course, Creative Market also provides banners you can use (not just for your site, but places like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) But since that’s pretty basic/run of the mill, I didn’t include it as a 8th idea for this list. But I also figured I’d just mention it, in case that fits better for your blog.

So there you have it: 7 Ways to Make Money with the Creative Market Affiliate Program! Which idea – or ideas – will you use on your blog? Tell us in the comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “7 Ways to Make Money with the Creative Market Affiliate Program”

  1. Thanks for these ideas. We will definitely use some of them. We just created list posts with an overview of products and placed affiliate links. But I would like to try those ready banners. Where can I find them?

    • Hi Ivan!

      If you’re referring to the embedded products/collections (#6 in this list), make sure you’re logged in to Creative Market, then click on a product you’d like to embed. Then, on the upper-right-hand side of the screen, right above the product’s name is a little share link. If you click on that, several choices will appear, and at the very bottom it says “embed this product.” That’s the one you want to use! You copy that code and then paste it into WordPress (or whatever blog platform you’re using.)

      I hope this helps! Let me know if you have other Q’s!


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